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Why Use Chiropractic?

Chiropractors are trained to assess joint, muscle and nerve function to identify what is causing a problem. Chiropractic treats the cause of symptoms rather than just the pain itself.  It often takes years of constant strain on your  joints before symptoms appear. Many of our regular daily activities can cause our joints to lose their normal movement which can cause pain and stiffness. Millions of people continue day to day, unaware of problems building up in their spine until they are in pain.  

Treatment consists of a wide range of manipulative and soft tissue techniques designed to improve joint function and to relieve pain and muscle spasms without the use of drugs and surgery.


Pain - Your body’s warning signal.

The purpose of pain is to make you pay attention. It is a warning that a limit of some type has been reached and that your body is no longer able to deal with it or compensate for it.  When a joint becomes injured and stops moving properly, you may experience pain.

Most people come to the chiropractor’s because of a painful symptom.  Pain is not the cause of the problem – it is a message from your nerves telling your brain that something is wrong. Our main goal is to find the underlying cause.  Numbing your body with painkillers to block the pain may be convenient but it does not fix the injury.


The following examples represent some of the main reasons that we suffer from back and joint pain:

- Repetitive stress from poor posture and inactivity like too much sitting (sedentary lifestyle)

- Strain from repetitive twisting, lifting and bending which are associated with certain occupations

- Trauma caused by lifting injuries

Degenerative changes (wear and tear) can affect our joints as we age with some joints being more susceptible to wear than others.  Repetitive stress, poor posture or trauma can cause an area to degenerate (wear out) causing pain and inflammation.  Chiropractic treatment cannot reverse the effects of wear but can help improve joint function and muscle strength which may help relieve symptoms. (Beyermann et al, 2006).